New research: North West local government funds still heavily invested in fossil fuels

23rd February 2021

Friends of the Earth and Platform press release  Dirty pensions: North West local government funds still heavily invested in fossil fuels Local councils in the north west still have over a billion pounds invested in planet-wrecking fossil fuels through local government pension funds.  Freedom of information requests by environmental campaigners found that, despite decreases in recent years, local government pensions in the north…

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Greater Manchester Pension Fund suffers ÂŁ375m hit to Oil and Gas stocks

8th December 2020

Press Release from Fossil Free Greater Manchester Greater Manchester Pension Fund suffers ÂŁ375m hit as oil and gas investments crash. New analysis reveals that ÂŁ375m was wiped off the value of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund due to their oil and gas investments losing value over the past three years [1]. Platform London commissioned Transition…

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Fact checking GMPF’s arguments against divestment

13th November 2020

We welcome the news that all ten of our local councils, along with the GM Combined Authority, have declared a climate emergency. But the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF), run by Tameside on behalf of all the local authorities and other employers, continues to invest huge sums in polluting fossil fuel companies. GMPF’s largest direct…

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GM Pension Fund’s “Low Carbon Fund”: a drop in the ocean

7th October 2020

Post updated, 9 October, 2020. minor corrections, 10 December, 2020 In 2019, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) announced that it was moving some ÂŁ2.3 Billion of funds to a new “low carbon Fund”.  They have also claimed that this is one of the largest divestments from fossil fuels by any UK Pension Fund. Using…

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Tameside has yet to give details of the Fund’s “low carbon” investment

9th September 2020

Updated post: 10 Sept., 2020 For approximately a year now, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund has been trumpeting its initiative to move some ÂŁ2.4 Billion of its money from a tracker fund to a “low carbon” fund.  It has even claimed that this is the “biggest divestment by any council pension scheme in the UK”…

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What if investments, pensions and savings didn’t finance fossil fuels?

17th August 2020

Watch this to learn how our savings, pensions and investments are affecting the planet, and what we can do about it. Speakers: Ishaan Dalal, ShareAction Ali Abbas, Fossil Free Greater Manchester Helen Tandy, Partner & Ethical Investment Adviser, Castlefield

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New Podcast!

20th July 2020

The Manchester Green New Deal podcast talks to Maggie Walker & Ali Abbas about why the GM Pension Fund must stop investing in fossil fuels. Have a listen here:

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Resuming our campaign

7th July 2020

Given the huge agenda facing councils at the height of the lockdown and pandemic crisis we suspended our campaigning until the beginning of June.   As a matter of courtesy we then wrote to the Chair of the GM Pension Fund, Councillor Brenda Warrington to inform her of that fact and to give her a chance…

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Tameside to debate the climate emergency but no sign of any fossil fuel divestment

24th February 2020

Tameside council will belatedly debate declaring a climate emergency at its meeting on Tuesday 25 Feb.  It will be the last of the Greater Manchester councils to do so. The proposer, council leader Brenda Warrington, refers to GMPF, pointing out its large investment in renewables. This fails to acknowledge the scale of the far…

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GM Pension Fund, ditch the coal!

12th February 2020

In 2019, the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) announced that “fighting the climate crisis is one of our highest priorities”.  The Fund also announced that it will transfer some of its funds from a tracker fund to a low-carbon fund. [1]  Excellent news. Except that, so far, no transfer. The Fund is a bit slow…

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